At the age of 17, I wrote an essay stating that I wanted to model, strutting the runway (later gracing the runway in New York Fashion Week) and create music to be played on the radio to inspire others to live out their dreams.  However, with the doctors discovering my hearing loss at the age of 4, I never thought any of my dreams could possibly come true. Yet despite my odds and personal convictions, music was the only thing I gravitated toward; it never stopped me from singing at the top of my lungs in the living room as a child.

Music is the air that I breathe. And in this gift and love of music, I choose to share the highest form of artistic expression with the world: the sounds of music with hopes to connect on a level beyond words. With a vision to impact the world through music in style, I hope and pray that you are inspired by my story and unstoppable drive despite my hearing impairment and are empowered to live your own authentic life following your own passions and dreams.  Nothing is impossible with God.


Photographer: Jessica J. Page

Musician: Jerrica Patton


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