Pioneer Spotlight Feature with HereOne

In honor of World Hearing Day, I was featured as the first Pioneer Spotlight for HereOne which is SUPER AMAZING! HereOne is one of the newest yet coolest innovation in technology today which produces wireless smart earbuds with real-world sound control.  In simpler terms, these listening devices possess real life filters for you to control the release of sound through your ears! It's an honor because they found MY story worthy enough to share with the world.  Please take a read when you get a moment.  I hope it inspires you.  And if does, be sure to share it with another :)



Come out and hear me perform my original music!

Kingside Diner, 4651 Maryland Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108



I'm so excited to share that I have recently been featured on! To my surprise, I was featured in their Fashion section under "19 Ways to Pull Off the Cool Girl Look without Breaking a Sweat." What an honor! It's quite unbelievable to see my face on as I've practically read this magazine my entire life! This is a significant moment for me because it highlights me standing out as a leader in fashion, particularly street style! Only God could have made this possible and I'm SO grateful for this opportunity.


"Beautiful You: A Women's Empowerment Movement"

Join me in my hometown, St. Louis, MO, as I'll be sharing my story of overcoming my personal fears being hearing impaired, my navigation in the fashion industry as a model, and provide the tools to SUCCESS all by FAITH. There will also be other amazing guests present that will inspire you to live out your BEST LIFE YET!

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